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IRC netscan

irc servers
finding a decent IRC server can sometimes be a hassle. servers can be lagged or down altogether. A lack of information can make it difficult for you to know what the best servers are for you to connect to. IRC NetScan is designed to help you in the process of finding a fast server. you may be surprised at the results. sometimes the shortest route to an IRC network through a server that might be halfway across the globe.

how to use
click the button below. IRC NetScan will open in a new window. you will see a series of warnings as it downloads the applet. (more about the warnings below) select the IRC network you want to scan (Undernet, DALnet, IRCnet, EFnet...) and hit scan. be sure to read the information below before running NetScan.

what it is and who can use it
IRC NetScan is an ActiveX control written by the folks right here at numatrix software. IRC NetScan only works with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

why ActiveX? why can't i use this in Netscape?
IRC NetScan was written as an ActiveX control because the Java environment blocks an application from sending messages (in this case, pings) to other systems over the internet. This is behaviour that is considered a possible threat to network security. Unfortunately, (or not depending on your opinions of microsoft) netscape browsers do not support ActiveX.

what's with all the warnings?
numatrix software does not yet hold a Versign ID. i am a small independent developer, big on talent and ideas, and short on cash. i don't have an extra $400 lying around just so i can purchase a digital certificate for this application. your browser will do it's best to warn you not to download and run IRC NetScan. if you have any doubts or reservations about running this thing, just don't bother. it'll save both of us the headache.

how it works
IRC NetScan uses your computer to ping all known servers on the specified network and sorts the results and shows them to you. it sends the smallest possible packet (33 bytes including header) to each of the servers. 1 and only 1 packet is sent to each server.

what do these ping results really mean?
the ping time is shown in milliseconds (ms) or 1/1000 of a second. the smaller the ping the quicker your potential connection. these results are subject to network traffic, and may vary greatly from hour to hour. ping results are usually averaged out over several attempts to acheive a reliable figure. NetScan shows results of only a single ping attempt to each server, to minimise overall network load. a fast ping result does not guarantee that you will be able to connect to the server in question. a server's internet connection may be up but the server software may be down. servers can also be full or password protected etc... take these results with a grain of salt, this is simply an attempt to provide you with a little more information than is otherwise available.

where does NetScan get it's list of servers?
IRC NetScan downloads a fresh copy of the server database from . this is a mIRC-format server database. i personally update this table to reflect what i'm able to gather as the latest data on available servers on the major networks.

why is my favorite server/network not on this list?
IRC NetScan will only list networks with 5 servers or more. it filters out servers marked as 'Random' (i.e. redirect) and routing servers. if you have information about servers that are not listed in my database, please e-mail me at