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mp3 FileScan

Win 95/98: file size: 27K (Less than 1 min. at 28.8 kbps) Download Now
Win NT: file size: 137K (about 1 min. at 28.8 kbps) Download Now

mp3 FileScan is a powerful mp3 collector's manangement tool designed to help you quickly and easily navigate and manage a large database (from 100s to thousands) of mp3 files on your hard drive or local network spanning multiple directories and filesystems. The main features include a filename autoformatter, which will correct filename formatting issues for your entire collection in a matter of seconds at the touch of one button! Other features include flagging and managing of duplicate files, IRC '@find' style file searches for your personal collection, and other standard file management features that allow you to find, rename, delete, and open mp3 files quckly and efficently.

Version: 1.1 System Requirements:
Windows 95/98

Version: 1.1a System Requirements:
Windows NT 4.0

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