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This is an on-line version of the manual that one day will ship with the program itself. Click the section titles above to navigate the various help screens.

mp3 FileScan is a powerful mp3 collector's manangement tool designed to help you quickly and eaisly navigate and manage a large database (from 100s to thousands) of mp3 files on your hard drive or local network spanning multiple directories and filesystems. The main features include a filename autoformatter, which will correct filename formatting issues for your entire collection in a matter of seconds at the touch of one button! Other features include flagging and managing of duplicate files, IRC '@find' style file searches for your personal collection, and other standard file management features that allow you to find, rename, delete, and open mp3 files quckly and efficently.

I hope you find this program useful and I am very interested in your feedback. Please send e-mail to the address below for questions, comments, or just to say hello. You can visit my website for updates and other software downloads. This is the second release of mp3 FileScan, and I plan to continue to update and improve this game, as well as release other titles in this game category, so your feedback will be very appreciated.

January 2000, Steven Stiles
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