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· summary of features ·

advanced features:

Find Files
FileScan allows you to search your collection for any file based on partial-text (wildcard based) pattern matching. it is a find operation identical to IRC style '@find' searches.

AutoFormat Filenames
FileScan will allow you to preview AutoFormatting before saving changes. This way you can double-check what FileScan plans to do to your files before you commit the changes! FileScan is designed to scan and autoformat your entire collection in one powerful fell swoop. The Autoformatter will correct capitalization, replace all occurrences of the underbar character with the space character, strip all parenthesis, and brackets from artist name and automatically inserts a hyphen between artist name and song title, evens out word spacing and does not allow back-to-back space characters (double spacing) in filenames, pads all hyphens, removes all trailing spaces, underbars and hyphens from filenames, and much more! click here: <breakdown of autoformatting rules> for a complete list of what the autoformatter does.

View Duplicate files
FileScan will analyze your filenames and tell you which of these files it thinks may be duplicate based on near-exact filename pattern matching, and is based on similar filenames. FileScan will report filesize and bitrates for your dupliate files to help you determine which, if any you may want to keep or delete. You may open (play), rename, or delete files directly from within the dupicate file viewer.

basic features:

· Open (Play) mp3 Files
· Rename Files
· Delete Files

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