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QwIRC - online manual

Table Of Contents

2.System Requirements
3.Distribution Files
5.Signing on
6.Joining Channels
8.Setting up the Server
9.startup.txt scripting
10.Profile Management
11.Known Issues/Bugs
12.11. Version 0.8 Release Notes
13.Feedback / Support / Contact info

1. Overview

QwIRC is an all-new IRC client with a built in multimedia search and file sharing engine built right into it, designed to be very visual somewhat like a cross between napster and an irc client.

Version 0.52 alpha is a pre-release development version, intended for demonstration purposes only, and is not meant as a final product. The purpose of this release is to demonstrate the basic concept of the product itself to the general public while development continues.

This release is fully functional as a basic IRC client, with additional mp3 file management, search and serving capabilities included. There are many features planned for future releases not included in this version, as well as some buttons and menu items that are currently visible, but have not yet been implemented.

As it currently stands this client lacks some basic bells and whistles found in other clients, but is far more sophisticated in other areas where it's breaking new ground in terms of what is offered in an IRC client. Be aware as this is an early demo, this version is potentially subject to unknown instabilities under particular conditions.

It is my intention sometime in the near future to open-source this project. If this demo finds the hands of any developers interested in participating in such a project please contact me at the address listed at the end of this text.

steven stiles
numatrix software
July 2001