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Connect to an established community of millions of users worldwide with this all new IRC (internet chat) client. QwIRC distinguishes itself by being the one and only client to feature a built-in IRC-based multimedia file search and sharing engine. QwIRC introduces a refreshing and sexy new interface for IRC users everywhere
  • Download
    QwIRC v0.89a file size: 250K

    Important Notice
    Download QwIRC 0.89a - available now

  • Requirements
    Windows XP/2000/me/98

    Other Reqirements:
    Microsoft Windows Installer may be needed to be installed on the following systems:
    Microsoft Windows Installer for Windows 95, 98 and ME
    Microsoft Windows Installer for Windows 2000
  • Features

    Full Service Chat Client
    Chat rooms (#channels), Instant Messaging (?queries), Interactive Channel Finder, Buddy List/status (notify), Favourites

    Visual P2P Filesharing
    SERVER: Visually oriented, set-and-forget ease of use. Lowest CPU and memory impact of any IRC based fileserver. List Auto-update. Message Skin Editor. One-click global filename autoformatter.
    PLAYER: Build and Manage playlists with drag+drop ease of use, play and announce to channels. Find lost files! One-touch Repair and update of damaged playlist files.
    AUTOGET: Search and reqeust files with point+click ease. Intelligent, non-agressive yet highly effective request tracking. Interactive 'List Browser' with expandable/ collapsabe folder views, & dynamic list search capabilites. Request/resume tracking.

    Account Profile Management
    No need to install multiple copies. QwIRC is designed to maintain separate profiles for each of your concurrent server sessions, running side-by-side as multiple instances of QwIRC. Your configuration, settings, nick, passwords, and scripts will be kept separate in a unique saved user profile.

    Webcam chat support
    Initiate webcam sessions with other QwIRC users at the touch of a button.
  • Support

    User Manual
    The QwIRC user manual is available online. click here

    Get the guided tour
    If you are new to QwIRC or even if you're upgrading from an older version, please feel free to contact me, and I'll give you a personal demo though some of slickest new features, some of which might not be apparent at first glance. If you want the personal demo, or have other questions or need help, please join #numatrix on either the DALnet or UnderNet networks and I will help you if I am available. you may also contact me at a quick overview of the newest features can be found in the screenshot gallery
  • Screenshot Gallery
    Take a virtual tour of QwIRC highlighting some of it's unique features.
  • Message Board
    Read what people have to say about QwIRC, and make your own comments heard here
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