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3 peak perfection

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This is an on-line version of the manual that ships with the game. Click the section titles above to navigate the various help screens.

3 Peak Perfection is a solitaire-style card game. This game is based on a game by the same name found on the coin-operated Midway Touchmaster touchscreen bartop-style video machine. Some care has been taken to keep it fairly true to the official version in terms of scoring and gameplay (but not animation and sound).

I hope you enjoy this game and I am very interested in your feedback. Please send e-mail to the address below for questions, comments, or just to say hello. You can visit my website for updates and other software downloads. This is the second release of 3 peak perfection, and I plan to continue to update and improve this game, as well as release other titles in this game category, so your feedback will be very appreciated.

April 1998, Steven Stiles
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