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numatrix software is an independent software development venture by Steven Stiles.   numatrix software publishes freeware applications and utilites for the Windows platform for a variety of applications including Instant Messaging, Chat rooms, Filesharing, mp3 management, games and screensavers.

Having worked his way up as a software engineer with an aerospace contractor in the early 1990s, Steven Stiles is now working in Southern California as a freelance webdesigner, flash developer, database programmer, CRM applications developer, photographer and nightclub manager.
  • QwIRC

    connect to an established community of millions of users worldwide with this all new IRC (internet chat) client. qwIRC distinguishes itself by being the one and only client to feature a built-in IRC-based multimedia file search and sharing engine. qwIRC introduces a refreshing and sexy new interface for IRC users everywhere
    Platform: Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP

  • mp3 FileScan

    mp3 FileScan is a powerful mp3 collector's manangement tool designed to help you quickly and easily navigate and manage a large database (from 100s to thousands) of mp3 files on your hard drive or local network spanning multiple directories and filesystems. The main features include a filename autoformatter, which will correct filename formatting issues for your entire collection in a matter of seconds at the touch of one button! Other features include flagging and managing of duplicate files, IRC '@find' style file searches for your personal collection, and other standard file management features that allow you to find, rename, delete, and open mp3 files quckly and efficently.
    Platform: Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP

  • 3 Peak Perfection

    3 Peak Perfection is a solitaire-style card game. It's based on a game similar to those found on those bar-top video game machines occasionally seen in pubs. It's easy to learn and very addictive.
    Platform: Windows 95/98/NT

  • IRC NetScan

    IRC NetScan is designed to help you in the process of finding a fast IRC server. you may be surprised at the results. sometimes the shortest route to an IRC network is through a server which is halfway across the globe.
    Platform: Windows 95/98/NT

  • Pulsar!

    This screensaver consists of a spinning, pulsing star with satellites in orbit.
    Platform: Windows 95/98/NT

  • WinDoze

    Put your computer to sleep and protect sensitive data by locking your screen on command using the mouse or via a hot key with this screensaver launch/configuration utility.
    Platform: Windows 95/98/NT

  • Hamster

    The Hamster filesharing product is no longer under development.  However, visitors have taken it upon themselves to use this page as a forum dedicated to the discussion of their pet hamsters.  I'm not a real hamster doctor, but I play one on TV.  Feel free to discuss your fuzzy rolly polly rodent pets here.

other software developed by steven stiles
(numatrix software)
  • TransPlot

    a GUI-based HPGL virtual plotter driver/interpreter for Postscript printers. This product presents itself to the system as closely as possible to an actual pen plotter, allowing selection of plotter model emulation modes, pen color/width selection, and paper size, positioning and orientation, as well as image scaling.
    Platforms: Unix: Solaris I, II (Sun SPARC ) & IRIX (SGI MIPS)

  • SuperQ

    a UNIX virtual printer device driver designed to represent multifeature pritiners as multiple virtual printers each representing a distinct user-definable operating mode for that printer in a multiuser environment. Features: GUI point and click job control, printer status, mode selection, transparent file translation and host-based full featured network connectivity (network ‘finder’, remote feature/job control, status, etc.) for non-network (local) printers over a TCP/IP network.
    Platform: Unix: Solaris I, II (Sun SPARC )

  • Sapphire

    a visual, Xview-based integrated software development package including a GUI builder and C/C++ code generator and editor for the Solaris/OpenLook Operating System. This product was developed in 1993 before the availability of, and is similar in function to the GUI-based ‘Sun Programmers Workbench’ (1994). Sapphire was developed for internal use to aid in developing GUI-based printer support applications on the Solaris Operating System and was intended to be eventually packaged as a general-market developer’s tool.
    Platform: Unix: Solaris II (Sun SPARC )

  • GeniRIP

    a large-scale full featured Unix host-based PostScript printing system for laser printers and imagesetters in a multiuser, multiplatform networked environment, supporting multiple heterogeneous print devices, and multiple users in a single integrated system. In other words, this product provides the ability over the network to browse and select printers, monitor and print jobs from any application (DTP, CAD, WP, etc) on any system running on any platform (PC, Mac, Unix), to any print device on the network (Image setter, Laser Printer, etc) regardless of printer languages (PostScript, HPGL, PCL, raster, etc) and providing full and enhanced network connectivity for non-network print devices.
    Platform: Unix: Solaris II (Sun SPARC )

(c)1998 steven stiles
numatrix software